I’m a film director/artist. My work focuses on intimacy, both as subject matter and method. In other words, the images I record are of and made by closely bonded people.

I believe that, to have empathy for others, one must have empathy for oneself. As such, my films are at their most honest when they reflect on the uncertainty I feel and see in the world. Sometimes this involves directly confessional work, such as my annual Diary series, or the rap videos I’ve posted on Instagram. Other times it involves scripted scenes directed by me in collaboration with actors and a crew.

I am in pursuit of non-linearity. Non-linear narrative structure helps us represent the human experience of trauma. This extends to the production process too. I’m very happy to let the boundaries bleed between scripting, production and post-production so that the work retains vitality. This is where improvisation exercises and unconventional editing come in.

Themes that I deal with include but are not limited to: care, gender roles, systems of justice, sexual repression, confessions, love.