Ralph Pritchard
Audio Visual

I’m a videographer based in London.

I work with a range of clients in publishing, politics and the arts to deliver promotional material that communicates new ideas and important causes.


I regularly make videos for Verso Books. Verso mainly publish non-fiction and political theory. My role is to record in-depth interviews with their authors and create short, shareable content for use on Youtube and social media.

This video of graphic novelist Kate Evans shows her process and the stories that inspired her to write her book Threads.

"We have worked with Ralph on video production for a number of years, with many books and authors including George Monbiot and China Mieville. His work is of an impeccable standard: timely; well-produced; showing great understanding of our books, authors, and the wider cultural/political content. He is incredibly reliable and responsive, often working to tight deadlines and turning around content in short periods of time. He is able to work with a range of different authors and subjects; bringing great ideas and perspectives into the creative process. Also very easy to get on with; we feel more than confident sending him to work with an author without being present, knowing they will feel relaxed and well-steered through the filming. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend!"
Jennifer Tighe, Marketing and Publicity Director, Verso Books

I made this film for Zed Books to promote the eBook release of Assata Shakur’s autobiography. I worked with Ash Sarkar to give a sense of the storytelling in the book, and articulate why her writing still resonates today.


During the lead-up to the 2019 european election openDemocracy launched a campaign for their ongoing investigations into the funding networks of the far-right, for which I made this video, ‘Dark Money Flowing Into Europe’.  

“openDemocracy has worked with Ralph a number of times over the years, from filming events and conferences to putting together more time-sensitive fund-raising appeals and other short campaign films. I'd highly recommend him to anyone: not only for his filming and editing skills but for his thoughtful input and guidance on scripts, delivery, and handling complex and sensitive subject matter. He gets the politics of what we do, and that is invaluable.”
Mary Fitzgerald, Editor-in-Chief of openDemocracy

‘Vote Remain to build bridges’ was a video made in partnership with the Green Party of England and Wales and Another Europe is Possible during the EU referendum campaign. 


Assembly Point from Ralph Pritchard on Vimeo.

This is a film I made for the gallery Assembly Point in Peckham.

It’s a short social media asset documenting their recent curated programme and the studio facilities. I worked with gallery manager Natasha Cox to create a concise, holistic picture of the gallery’s activities.


This is a conference organised by the Birkbeck School of Law. The organisers wanted a short highlights package that could be used to promote and raise funds for future events.


I began my career as a political journalist and have experience developing documentary content.

‘The problem with Prevent’ was a Guardian documentary I worked on with journalist Michael Segalov. I was cinematographer and video editor, Segalov was producer/director.

It tells the story of Rahmaan, a 17 year old sixth-form student targeted by a problematic government anti-terror policy.


Send me an email at ralphpritchardfilms@gmail.com to discuss a project.

For a full list of previous clients view my CV here.