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Ralph Pritchard is an artist/film director.


I use art to provide narratives for complex feelings. My work speaks about intimacy, desire and the effects of trauma. I mostly direct films. I also rap, write, record podcasts, run improvisation workshops.

Career bit:
· MA in Contemporary Art Practice at the RCA (graduating July 2019)
· Did self-organised art programme School of the Damned in 2018.
· Was part of the 69th Bloomberg New Contemporaries exhibition.
· I freelance as a videographer, mostly for galleries and publishers.
· I live in London.

Get in touch:
Email  contactralphpritchard@gmail.com
Social networks are Instagram, Vimeo and Twitter.
CV is here

I counted the nights

A film project about holding and care which attempts to re-enchant mental health, through storytelling and imagery.

I counted the nights will premiere at the Royal College of Art degree show in June 2019.

Received Pronunciation

Received Pronunciation is my rap album, produced by M. J. Harding.

“Ralph asked me if I wanted to produce a couple of tracks; before long we were working closely together, particularly on the psychological inflection of the lyrics. Ralph wanted to be open and vulnerable while maintaining a kind of aggressive honesty, sharing a state of mind that is typically out of bounds. In other words, put something out there that helps people connect with an alien.”
- M. J. Harding

Heaven, Hell.

A video I made between 2016-17 about instant messaging and desire.

It has been published by NOWNESS and exhibited as part of Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2018.

‘One of the biggest challenges in building suspense while using informal text conversations is dealing with the body. When we write a message our body feels absent, and yet often our body is very present, shaking and aching as we ruminate with a friend or lover in the virtual space of the messages. Just as our bodies hold and remember trauma, we also experience longing and desire very physically.’

For more, read my recent blog post for New Contemporaries.