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Ralph Pritchard is an artist/film director.

I Counted The Nights (2019) 21 minutes
Screening 24 Jun, 9pm
All Hallows Church, 10 Copperfield Street, Southwark, SE1 0EL

Written & directed by Ralph Pritchard
Cast: Penny Klein, Max Packman-Walder
Director of photography: Em Turner
Assistant camera: Maxim Taylor
Boom operators: Noa Carvajal, Andrea Khôra
Music: M. J. Harding, Eli Carvajal
Additional creative input: Noa Carvajal, M. J. Harding, George Clark
Inspired by the Arabian Nights
Filmed in London, 2019

Short film, in development

I Counted the Nights
Video, 21 minutes

I wanna know who you are
Two channel video installation, 6 minutes

Ongoing video series

Received Pronunciation
Rap album, 5 tracks, 2 music videos

We’ll Always Have Paris
Video, 2 minutes

Heaven, Hell
Two channel video installation, 10 minutes

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