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We’ll Always Have Paris


text: (sung)
the war is done
we can rest with a book
and some tea
I never realised
what the war did to me

the bells ring
we can gaze at the skies
with a smile in our eyes
I never realised
what you mean to me

image: my father on a train looking out to the
landscape of northern france, where his father died.

Ralph Pritchard born in London, 1994.

I want to use art to provide narratives for complex feelings. For me art is always involved in a process of self-knowledge. I am interested in representing uncertainty, bonds, desire and the effects of trauma.

My work fuses digital image-making with a romantic sensibility. Emotion is at the core of it. I’m experimenting with more open, empathic variations on the conventions of film direction.

I have used a range of formats to express my truth. Narrative and non-narrative film, rap music, podcasts, improvisation workshops, political journalism and more.

Career bit:
I am currently on an MA in Critical Practice at the RCA.

I graduated from the self-organised art programme School of the Damned in 2018.

I was part of the 69th anniversary Bloomberg New Contemporaries exhibition.

I work freelance as a videographer, mostly for galleries and publishers, sometimes documenting performance. I currently live in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Email me at contactralphpritchard@gmail.com
Social networks are Instagram, Vimeo and sometimes Twitter.

Received Pronunciation

Received Pronunciation is a rap album written and performed by Ralph, produced by MJ Harding.


Since 2012 I have produced an annual visual diary, reflecting on the sights, sounds and thoughts of the past 12 months. There is not much to add to this description, except that it I find it extremely engaging and hope to continue the practice throughout my life.

Watch 20122013, 2014, 2015, 20162017.


‘Shouldr’ started life as a thought experiment about the way we ask for help in an era of social media and highly-flexible work. It is a fictitious app for monetising emotionally supportive behaviour, based on an acknowledgment that care creates value and is therefore potentially profitable.

There were two major outcomes. The first was an online exhibition with isthisit? which included a three-minute commerical for the app.

The second outcome was a short film, On Your Terms, which tells the story of Saskia, a highly empathic student who relies on the app as a primary source of income. Saskia’s boundaries are compromised by the pressures the app makes on her own needs and desires.