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Ralph Pritchard is an artist who directs films.

Image by Em Turner.

Ralph Pritchard born in London, 1994.

I want to use art to provide narratives for complex feelings. I am interested in speaking about intimacy, desire and the effects of trauma.

Film is at the core of my practice. But I also do: rap music, podcasts, improvisation workshops and writing.

Career bit:
- I am currently on an MA in Critical Practice at the RCA.
- I graduated from the self-organised art programme School of the Damned in 2018.
- I was a part of the 69th Bloomberg New Contemporaries exhibition.

I work freelance as a videographer, mostly for galleries and publishers, sometimes documenting performance. I currently live in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Email me at contactralphpritchard@gmail.com
Social networks are Instagram, Vimeo and sometimes Twitter.

We’ll Always Have Paris


text: (sung)
the war is done
we can rest with a book
and some tea
I never realised
what the war did to me

the bells ring
we can gaze at the skies
with a smile in our eyes
I never realised
what you mean to me

image: my father on a train looking out to the
landscape of northern france, where his father died.

Received Pronunciation

Received Pronunciation is my rap album, produced by M. J. Harding.


Since 2012 I have produced an annual visual diary, reflecting on the sights, sounds and thoughts of the past 12 months. There is not much to add to this description, except that it I find it extremely engaging and hope to continue the practice throughout my life.

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