“In the film I wanna know who you are (2019), artist Ralph Pritchard uses two screens that show his own body dancing, overlapped with several text messages. These are messages of longing that a person sends to another, who must have been very close to him. “Miss you”, “what are you doing right now?” or “I’m cooking that broccoli dish you taught me” are expressions of feelings that are however reduced into a textual context. With the text messages represented above the image of his body, Pritchard is acknowledging how difficult it is to portray those feelings in the digital space. However, he is dancing on the two screens, moving his energy around two places. His vibrating body is still there, where the other person is reading the messages, which might mean that the expression of feelings through the internet is possible if we think differently about the screen – the virtual.”

from You’ve Got Me Typing Love Letters* by Jorge Van den Eynde Gray

The music I’m dancing to is Romance by Ex:Re, documentation here.