Ralph Pritchard
born 1994, living, working and studying in London.


Contemporary Art Practice: Critical Practice
MA programme at Royal College of Art, London, led by Jeremy Millar and Tai Shani.

Bloomberg New Contemporaries
Exhibition programme for emerging artists, Liverpool & London.

School of the Damned
Alternative fine art programme, directed by its students.

LUX Bootcamp at Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival
Workshop led by Benjamin Cook on funding and pitching in a moving image context.  

2017, June
Plugin Summer Institute: Session I
Residency led by Chris Kraus in Winnipeg, Canada.

2017, March
Hospitalfield Interdisciplinary Residency
Residency in Hospitalfield House in Arbroath.

2016, April
Oberhausen Seminar
Intensive artists film seminar led by Erika Balsom.

LUX Critical Forum
Monthly salon hosted by LUX Artists’ Moving Image, London.

2014, September
Experimenta Seminar
BFI festival seminar led by Ed Webb-Ingall.

Novara Media, Head of Video
Independent media group covering culture and politics.


January: Virtual Virality, offline and online at the Melkweg Expo, curated by Stein van der Ziel.

August: Sounding Off, Vitrine Gallery, quarantine films featured in online exhibition curated by William Clarke.
May: Get Out Of My Zoom, quarantine films featured in online event curated by Daniel Neofetou.
May: No Money 11, Shouldr film featured in online event.

July: Low Res Camera Roll,  Instagram residency curated by Georgina Tyson.
July: Auto//Fiction  Performance of raps at conference, Royal College of Art, London.
July: Show 2019  Graduation exhibition, Royal College of Art, London.
June Fragile Masculinity Cabaret, Performance with Clark Mitton, curated by Sean Roy Parker, Brixton Pound Cafe.
May: Bite, Self-curated group exhibition at the Dyson Gallery, Royal College of Art.
March: Critical Practice Radio,  Curated and present an hour of audio artworks for Mark Leckey’s NTS Radio show in collaboration with Gabi Davies.
March: Terminal O, Group exhibition, The Horse Hospital.
March: CAP-beret, Performance of rap ‘Judgemental Friend’, Gorvy Lecture Theatre.

December: Bloomberg New Contemporaries,  Group exhibition, South London Gallery
November: Visions in the Nunnery, Group exhibition at the Nunnery Gallery.
November:  Crate Conversations, Public talk with Emily Simpson at Crate Space, Margate.
August: Vision & Signs, School of the Damned group exhibition, Sluice, London.
July: Gotcha ;), Group exhibition accompanying Joey Holder's Adcredo, QUAD, Derby.
July: Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Group exhibition, Liverpool John Moores University.
July: Wuu2, Instagram residency ‘I want to be held’, commissioned by Emily Simpson.
June: 6x6 Project, Online platform and interview.
May: Recovery Mode, Self-curated group exhibition at the Hockney Gallery, Royal College of Art.
May: Conch.FYI, Online interview.
May: CAP-baret, Video ‘The Rules’ shown as part of group performance night at Royal College of Art, London.
February: Say No More, isthisit? group show curated by Charlie Godet Thomas.
February: THEIA Film & Video Screening, WORM, Rotterdam.
January: Work in Progress Show, Royal College of Art, London.
January: NOWNESS, ‘Heaven, Hell’, published online.

December: Wednesday Night Live, ‘Shouldr’ video, curated by 12ø Collective.
September: The World Transformed, ‘Shouldr’ video, curated by Oli Cox, Brighton.
September: Co Broadcast, Gone Clear podcast with Gloria Dawson, curated by Co. at Supernormal Festival, Braziers Park.
August: Shouldr: Emotional Labour, on your term, solo online show for isthisit, curated by Bob Bicknell-Knight.
June: Summer Institute Open Studios, Plug In ICA, Winnipeg.

November: Sex re-education at Tate Modern, ‘What does it mean to be queer?’ made with Shon Faye for Novara Media, curated by Bedfellows.
August: Film Night 25.08.16 at Hackney Picturehouse, ‘Heaven’, curated by Stephen Harwood and Warren Garland.
March: Cam4Art., ‘Emotional Boundaries & Chill’ curated by Nicholas Tee. 
January: London Short Film Festival at ICA London, Star Bright, Memory002, Sarah_Ralph_Film003, Sarah_Ralph_Film007.

October: Diving into the Wreckage, The Old Police Station, London, curated by Fusebox.
February: Video Jam at the Whitworth Art Gallery, ‘A Day In The Past’ commissioned by Sarah Rowland Hill.
January: A Pixel Or Digit? Group exhibition, Parfitt Gallery, London, curated by Paul Harrison.