Ralph    Me   /  CV 

Ralph Pritchard is an artist/film director.


born 1994, living, working and studying in London.


2018: Bloomberg New Contemporaries
Exhibition programme for emerging artists, Liverpool & London.

2018: LUX Bootcamp at Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival  
Workshop led by Benjamin Cook on funding and pitching in a moving image context.  

2017-19: Contemporary Art Practice, Critical Practice
MA programme at Royal College of Art, London, led by Jeremy Millar and Tai Shani.

2017, June: Plugin Summer Institute: Session I
Residency led by Chris Kraus in Winnipeg, Canada.

2017-18: School of the Damned
Alternative fine art programme, directed by its students.

2017, March: Emotional Boundaries & Chill
Instagram residency for Cam4Art.

2017, March: Hospitalfield Interdisciplinary Residency
Residency in Hospitalfield House in Arbroath.

2016, November: UKYA Derby
Weekend of workshops and events for young artists.

2016: Oberhausen Kurztagefilm Seminar
Intensive artists film seminar led by Erika Balsom.

2016: LUX Critical Forum
Monthly salon hosted by LUX Artists’ Moving Image, London.

2014: Experimenta Seminar
BFI festival seminar led by Ed Webb-Ingall.

2015-present: Fusebox, Curator
Artists’ collective, events and salons in London.

2013-2016: Novara Media, Head of Video
Independent media group covering culture and politics.

2013-present: Freelance videographer
Clients include, Jeremy Corbyn, UK Black Lives Matter, Verso Books, The Guardian.

2019, March: Critical Practice Radio  Curated and present an hour of audio artworks for Mark Leckey’s NTS Radio show in collaboration with Gabi Davies..
2019, March: Terminal O  Group exhibition, The Horse Hospital.
2019, March: CAP-beret  Performance of rap ‘Judgemental Friend’, Gorvy Lecture Theatre.
2018, December: Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2018  Group exhibition, South London Gallery

2018, November: Visions in the Nunnery Group exhibition at the Nunnery Gallery
2018, November:  Crate Conversations QT Collective Public talk at Crate Space, Margate. Recording here.
2018, August: Vision & Signs School of the Damned group show, Sluice, London
2018, July: Gotcha ;) Group exhibition accompanying Joey Holder's Adcredo, QUAD, Derby.
2018, July: Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2018 Group exhibition, Liverpool John Moores University.
2018, July: I want to be held Instagram residency for wuu2, curated by Emily Simpson.
2018, June: 6x6 Project Online platform and interview, read here.
2018, May: Recovery Mode Group show at the Hockney Gallery, Royal College of Art.
2018, May: Conch.FYI Online interview - link here.
2018, May: CAP-baret ‘The Rules’ shown as part of group performance night at Royal College of Art, London.
2018, February: Say No More isthisit? group show curated by Charlie Godet Thomas, link here.
2018, February: Heaven, Hell, THEIA Film & Video Screening, WORM, Rotterdam.
2018, January: Work in Progress Show at Royal College of Art, London.
2018, January: Heaven, Hell, video piece published here on NOWNESS.
2017, December: Wednesday Night Live, fake Shouldr’ ad featured in live stream, curated by 12ø Collective.
2017, December: Total Surrender, a collaborative video sharing with M. J. Harding at The Yard Theatre, London.
2017, September: Shouldr - Emotional labour, on your terms at The World Transformed, Brighton.
2017, September: Co Broadcast, Gone Clear podcast with Gloria Dawson, curated by Co. from Supernormal Festival, Braziers Park.
2017, August: Shouldr: Emotional Labour, on your term, solo online show for isthisit, view here, curated by Bob Bicknell-Knight.
2017, June: Shouldr at Summer Institute Open Studios at Plug In ICA, Winnipeg.
2016, November: What does it mean to be queer? (collaboration with Shon Faye for Novara Media) shown at Tate Modern as part of 'Sex re-education’ curated by Bedfellows.
2016, August: Heaven and Wreckage at Film Night 25.08.16 at Hackney Picturehouse, curated by Stephen Harwood and Warren Garland.
2016, Jan: Memory002, Sarah_Ralph_Film003, Sarah_Ralph_Film007 at ICA, London (London Short Film Festival).
2015, Oct: Wreckage and Sarah_Ralph_Film010 at Diving into the Wreckage, The Old Police Station, London, curated by Fusebox.
2015, Feb: A Day In The Past at Whitworth Art Gallery re-opening, Manchester, curated by Rowland Hill.
2015, Jan : Sarah_Ralph_Film006 at ‘A Pixel Or Digit?’ curated by Paul Harrison, Parfitt Gallery, London.